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Enterprise Solutions For Large Organizations
e911ToGo Enhanced 911 Service enables enterprise customers the ability to quickly and efficiently provide E911 to their remote locations and multi-office campus spaces to protect their employees in case of emergency.

The e911ToGo process is straightforward and elegant: Our PBX / Enterprise product is a turnkey solution that provides an organization with an efficient and cost effective way to manage it's E911 database.

Clients can pick and choose from one or all of the products offered.

Multi-line Telephone Systems (MLTS) or PBXs depending on age, pose their own set of challenges. The design of the delivery of the 911 call is as important as the database management process. Design must take into consideration many qualities of the existing PBX/PBX network.

1. Is the PBX legacy of newer vintage?
2. Can the PBX/PBX cluster generate calling party ID to the PST network? ISDN PRI or CAMA
3. Does the PBX and the remote locations networked reside in the same tandem service area?
4. Does the PBX produce or accommodate emergency notification of a 911 call placed?

In addition to these important questions, setting up the E911 data for the PBX can be a complicated and arduous process. e911ToGo will consult with the customer to create the data to the specifications required within the city and county each location resides. If the data audit becomes too much of a burden, e911ToGo will perform an onsite audit of all telephone locations. e911ToGo employs highly trained staff in pairs of two to comb every possible telephone location within the organization’s confines. Often, once the data is built, e911ToGo will import back into the customer PBX administration software the entire location directory file.

Our customers have no need for onsite equipment or software. Database management is performed by the PBX administrator when he or she performs the MAC within the PBX Administration web portal. No need to learn another platform. The PBX administration web portal exports the station level directory directly to e911ToGo system.

e911ToGo takes it from there. Our proprietary automation technology does the conversion and reformatting to regional Data Service Center’s NENA standard format. Error flagging and correction, and transaction reporting are performed through routines and sub-routines of the data center. When errors occur which requires human intervention, our customer support personnel step in to rectify the problem.

The enterprise PBX (PBX cluster) needs only to delivery the calling number to the PSTN via an ISDN PRI pipe or CAMA trunk to be technically ready to deliver ALI to the PSAP.

e911ToGo’s PBX product provides the following:

Data Management

• Identify the appropriate solution to minimize impact to the organization.
• Create the database to NENA standards.
• Perform onsite station/location audit (per request).
• Transmit data to the Automatic Location Information regional data repositories and/or adjunct equipment.
• Maintain and update database.
• Provide detailed/customized reports.
• Provide on-going consultation and support.

Infrastructure Implementation

• Consult, recommend, and provide all switch adjunct/network interface equipment.
• Recommend and implement Gateway Services as appropriate. (ILEC).
• Provide and implement Gateway Services as appropriate. (CLEC).
• Recommend, coordinate, & order proper E-911 network connections (CAMA trunk/ISDN PRI).
• Coordination of number ranges.
• Testing of implementation.

Data Interface Options

• e911ToGo provides a custom web interface to accept data from customer existing change management systems.
• e911ToGo maintains all stations, both DID and non-DID numbers or IDs.
• Incremental or full switch data change downloads.
• Security and Confidentiality
• Data is maintained in strict confidence.
• Database is not accessible from external network.
• Data is backed up daily, with off-site copies maintained.
• e911 ToGo, or it's vendor, maintains full liability insurance.

Pricing Information

Pricing for our e911 product depends upon the number of DIDs you have in the system and the term of your agreement. Our standard pricing is as follows:

The pricing shown below is based on a 3 year agreement with monthly service fees paid in advance. Monthly service pricing is on a per DID basis and depends upon the number of active DIDs for which we provide e911 service. There is also a minimum monthly service fee of $195, subject to the rates provided below. At the lower level it takes 135 DIDs to meet the minimum. In addition to the monthly minimum, there is a one time set up fee of $1,795.

Price per DID per Month.

Under 1,000
1,001 - 4,999
5,000 - 9,999
10,000 - 14,999
15,000 +

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