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VoIP Providers Get Full 911 Access
Finally, the US Senate has passed legislation that requires 911 network operators to allow VoIP customers to get through, no matter what service they're calling from....

House gives nod to VoIP E911
The FCC began levying fees on cable operators for access to E911 systems--now, Congress is ready to tell the telcos they must provide direct access to the E911 backbone...
Sprint Nextel, Alltel and US Cellular Face FCC Fines.
Sprint Nextel, Alltel and U.S. Cellular Corp. are facing a combined $2.8 million worth of fines from the FCC for failing to meet an E911 deadline.
FCC Wants Enhanced 911 Service For Cell Phone, VoIP Users.
Despite strong industry opposition, the Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with a mandate for cell phone and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers to adopted Enhanced 911 provisions for their customers.
US FCC Moves To Tighten e911 Standards.
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission moved on Thursday toward toughening wireless standards to help police and firefighters more accurately locate cellular telephone callers in an emergency.
Congress tells FCC "We'll handle e911"..
It would appear that H.R. 5252 which passed yesterday "trumps" the FCC's regulations as it pertains to providing e911 service.
VoIP E911 challenges: and the Master Street Address Guide
If you think that VoIP E911 is "here," and that most of the problems have been solved, you really need to read Anne Broache’s piece entitled "Net phone providers describe E911 obstacles".
VOIP providers must offer E911
VOIP carriers that connect to the U.S. public telephone network will be required to provide their customers with enhanced 911 emergency calling....
Carrier Solutions
Carrier Solutions - Do you want to expand your service to another area but can not because of e911 issues? Are you constantly having an issue getting your address to match the rate center info? Are you having issues with address mismatch and loosing the sale because of it? e911ToGo enables VoIP local service providers the ability to quickly and efficiently provide FCC mandated e911 connectivity to their customers and eliminate address mismatches. The e911ToGo process is straightforward and elegant. Our e911 program gives you freedom from having to worry about if you are providing e911 to your customers effectively.

How our e911 solution differs from others...

  • Most e911 providers utilize a rate center and/or Master Service Address Guide (MSAG) database that contains a large amount of incorrect information. Our solution uses geocode information to identify the correct address verification and is 100% accurate.
  • Because e911 providers rely on the accuracy of the rate center and MSAG data to verify address and location information, a large amount of address mismatches and extra work is required. Because our solution uses geocode rather than rate center information, our accuracy is 100% and the burden of extra work is eliminated.
  • We do not rely on rate center or MSAG data to verify addresses, but instead use a geocode database that utilizes the same technology that the cellular providers use to pin-point a callers address. Each address is verified using multiple verified address databases and assigned a geocode prior to entering the address into the system.
  • Once verified we know the exact location of each address and thus can be 100% sure that the PSAP selected for that address is the PSAP where the location resides.
  • Because mismatches are eliminated, you are assured that the 911 call will be delivered to the correct PSAP.
  • Our system does not require expensive 911 CAMA trunking or a direct connection to the tandem or rate center. We provide connectivity using SIP to SIP transfer using our SIP Gateway.
  • Calls are then delivered to the correct PSAP and PSAP personnel use the displayed ANI and ALI to know how to respond (i.e., dispatch the police, fire department, ambulance, etc. to the correct location).
  • The best distinction of our e911 service is that you can get all of the above for as little as 90¢ per DID.

To get more information on our e911 Carrier Solution, Click Here.

Enterprize Solutions Enterprise Solutions - Many large businesses have very complex e911 requirements for their remote and large campus buildings. Our e911 solutions address the needs of the multi-location enterprise customer.

Our e911 enterprise solution allows large customers with multiple locations or large campus applications to protect their employees and meet any safety requirements or concerns.

To get more information on our e911 Enterprise Solution, Click Here.

Enterprize SolutionsPSAP Solutions - Many PSAPs are having problems managing their ALI databases and MSAG data entry. Our database management solutions and front end tools allow PSAPs the ability to easily manage these databases and use scarce resources better so they can meet the growing needs of the public.

Our e911 PSAP solution allows small and large PSAPs with single or multiple locations the ability to better manage data to guarantee the public that the information used is as good as it can be.

To get more information on our e911 PSAP Solution, Click Here.

Enterprize Solutions VoIP e911Move Services - We have partnered with e911Move to provide customers with an FCC compliant Automatic Location Information (ALI) change method that complies with FCC 05-116, Section 46, Page 27. This ruling requires VoIP providers to give their customers one or more ways of changing their ALI and, if the CPE equipment can be moved, one of the methods must be from the CPE equipment.

To accomplish this we assembled the best in the business to provide this service so you can forget about how this essential service is handled and just concentrate on delivering your service to your customers!

To get more information on our e911Move Service, Click Here.

Enterprize Solutions Additional VoIP Enhanced Services - We have partnered with many of the largest providers of VoIP origination and termination service, 411 information service and operator services to provide state of the art services to you and your customers.

We utilize the best in the business to provide these additional services so you can forget about how these essential services are delivered and just concentrate on your customers!

To get more information on our Enhanced Services, Click Here. © 2007 - 2008 • Privacy StatementTerms of Use

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