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PSAP Solutions For Small & Large PSAPs

e911ToGo PSAP Service enables PSAP customers the ability to quickly and efficiently manage their ALI database and MSAP data entry. Many PSAPs are having problems with their current vendors having the ability to meet the needs of the new VoIP and wireless carriers who are now entering the market. Our database management and front end tools make it easier and more cost effective to manage these databases.

Our system also give the PSAP manager the ability to more cost effectively manage scarce resources and meet the growing demands of government and the public at large.

Our solutions are broken down into two categories:

ALI Database Management

We can take over your ALI database management and provide the following:

• Identify the appropriate solution to minimize impact to the organization.
• Create the database to NENA standards.
• Perform onsite station/location audit (per request).
• Transmit data to the Automatic Location Information regional data repositories and/or adjunct equipment.
• Maintain and update database.
• Provide detailed/customized reports.
• Provide on-going consultation and support.
• Provide front end GUI for data entry and maintenance.
• Provide web portal for maintenance and upgrades.

MSAG Data Entry

We can assist you in streamlining your MSAG data entry and provide the following:

• Provide front end software to streamline data entry from any point.
• Recommend and implement Gateway Services as appropriate. (ILEC).
• Provide and implement Gateway Services as appropriate. (CLEC).
• Testing of implementation.

Pricing Information

Pricing for our ALI database management product depends upon the number of DID/Phone Numbers (DID) managed by the system and the term of your agreement. Our standard pricing is as follows:

The pricing shown below is based on a 2 year agreement with monthly service fees paid in advance. Monthly service pricing is on a per DID basis and depends upon the number of active DIDs for which we provide service. There is also a minimum monthly service fee of $195, subject to the rates provided below. In addition to the monthly minimum, there is a one time database set up fee of $0.35 per DID.

Price per DID per month.

Under 10,000
10,001 - 50,000
50,001 - 250,000
250,001 - 500,000
Over 500,000

Pricing for our MSAG data entry management product depends upon the number of DID/Phone Numbers (DID) managed by the system and the term of your agreement. MSAG data entry products are bid on a case by case basis because of the complexity of each PSAP and their particular requirements.

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